Sat, 14 Nov 2015 23:10:12

Text Post: That’s kind of a downer

Been a bit busy recently so I just sorta left the blog on that last note, and today realized that this might raise concerns about Overseer being abandoned and also be generally depressing. So this post is to say I’m doing alright, progress has slowed in the last week or two but is still very much ongoing, and we’ll get utilities like session admin and password reset into the next v2 release (which we’re calling “everything but Land exploration” since it will contain…take a wild guess)

Wed, 28 Oct 2015 07:52:53

Ask: have you guys finished any v2 features recently? and is your health any better, if I may ask?

The quick item creator is coded up and waiting for a balanced grist formula (it might even already have a prototype one, come to think of it), and the passive consort system is I think about half done at this point. So…one an a half?

As for my health…look, let me be perfectly clear about this. Kidney failure isn’t a thing that gets better. I’m talking transplant options with my doctor in about 40 minutes coincidentally and getting a transplant will improve my quality of life, but it’s not a “cure”. It extends my life quite a bit (more than two decades if I’m lucky) and I have to take drugs that suppress my immune system for as long as the transplanted kidney lasts.

Now that’s not to be all doom and gloom, but yeah that’s basically the story when it comes to that. I’ll be running on a transplanted kidney by the end of next year, fingers crossed that it doesn’t get rejected at some point, but eventually that will fall through and I’ll need to find another kidney somewhere or go on dialysis (which…keeps you alive for a few years, basically)

So it’s not great but it’s better than having cancer, basically.

Mon, 26 Oct 2015 20:19:44

Ask: uh, where's the storage in v2 and how do i put items in the storage there? sorry if i sound dumb

It’s actually at the bottom of the inventory. “Dropping” an item puts it into storage, and it can be retrieved from storage through a form at the bottom of the inventory page (this is because you’re assumed to be dropping it in your house). There is admittedly a level of counterintuitivity here that we’ll see what we can do about.

Mon, 26 Oct 2015 20:18:14

Ask: so my server player already got me up to the last gate, but the dungeon there won't appear in my dungeons list for some reason? please help

The seventh gate doesn’t have a dungeon per se, as it leads to the Denizen’s Lair. In v1 this unlocks the Denizen fight. In v2 it will eventually lead to a specialty dungeon with the Denizen at the end.

Mon, 26 Oct 2015 20:17:36

Ask: where do you get base items in v2?

“Item Catalogue” in the Atheneum menu. Sixth from the left.

Sat, 24 Oct 2015 22:24:12

Ask: Um I'm in V2, and I equipped a crowbar to open the Cruxtruder, and so I could enter the Medium. And I can't change my strife specibus? I checked the "Intro to The Overseer Project" but it was for version one. Help?

So the short smartass answer is “hope you like crowbars, dude”

The longer one is we’re working on session admin tools and other conveniences like being able to reset specibi for v2. We might be able to slap together a quick script as a stopgap in the meantime, at least.

Fri, 23 Oct 2015 23:48:36

Ask: So wait. Is the over seer project website v1, or v2? And is there a way to have multiple sessions? Sorry for asking

You can just create multiple sessions using the “create session” page (if you mean in v2, I believe it’s done via multiple characters there)

As for which website it is… is v1, is v2.

Fri, 16 Oct 2015 20:39:15

Ask: wait, you guys were working on new v2 features? shouldn't you finish adding the remaining v1 ones first? the game was broken as it was

We’re working on producing a complete, interesting experience for v2. This will involve features v1 didn’t have because while v1 was an interesting experiment I don’t believe it ever really qualified as “complete”. You progressed by beating up enemies from a drop-down, which was essentially placeholder content that was never replaced.

With this in mind, some of the fixes for currently broken v2 elements will depend on how the new content required to make a more complete game wants to interact with those elements. That means we need to get at least a basic form of several things we want in the final product implemented before touching up the other stuff.

Additionally, our priority in terms of bugfixing at the moment is “making the content testable”. If content can be tested, then we can get data about it for future fixes now instead of later which speeds up the overall process of producing a final product. And as far as “bugs” that prevent testing go, the content not existing yet is the biggest one I can think of.

Essentially we are putting long-term planning ahead of short-term usability. I do understand that that’s frustrating for people who want to play NOW, but it means you will get a GOOD experience sooner, rather than a mediocre experience now and a good experience a ways into the future.

Fri, 16 Oct 2015 18:31:32

Ask: will consort mercenaries be able to alchemise things? maybe weapons that they alchemise could even be added to their weapon pool, so that they can use some of the things they create by messing with your alchemy equipment instantly after creating them.

The idea of consorts filling up your house with pointless junk has been floated, and this is kinda similar in a lot of respects!

In any case, we’re really shooting for a minimum viable product for the initial release this time. That means keeping scope creep (i.e. adding in new features before releasing) in check, which means little extras like this end up by the wayside.

Don’t fret, though! That’s just for our 1.0 release. We will continue adding touches like this (indeed, we’ll consider exactly this one) to the game after we produce something playable and stable.

Fri, 16 Oct 2015 09:19:29

Text Post: Development news, courtesy of Thellere

Copypasting a status update on two upcoming features from Thellere! Here we go:

Hi guys! Thellere here, coming to talk to you about the Quick Item Creator and Consort Mercenaries, the two things I’ve been sinking most of my time into getting ready over the last week.
The Quick Item Creator is, for all intents and purposes, done - we just need to tweak one of the formulas to calculate the grist cost of the item. Here’s how it’ll work:   
- You find two items you want to alchemise, and give it a go.    
- You then get an error message informing you that, over the last two and a half years, the devs have been lazy and not made that specific combination. It takes you to a form where you lay in some basic info within a framework - grist ratios, power, bonus etc.    
- The grist ratio is basically how much of each grist it costs to build the item - for example, setting Build Grist 1, Star Sapphire 2, and Copper 1 sets a 1:2:1 ratio on those grists. If the game determines 1 million grist is an appropriate cost, that works out to 250,000 build, 500,000 Star Sapphire, and 250,000 copper to create it. Be realistic when you put these in.    
- Power is limited - you’ll be given a maximum power you can set. This includes base power, and the highest bonus. This way you can’t make the Pistol and American flag into an endgame weapon, from two base items. Mostly because that’d be daft, but also because that was my test combination.    
- QIC items cannot have effects, non-human balancing would be a nightmare. These can still be submitted via full submission form.   
- This item is session specific until approved by a dev/item mod - people using the same combination will get a message as such. We’ll likely prioritise these to get them out ASAP if there’s not a full submission pending.    

Sounds pretty simple, right? That should go live shortly. Next up, Consort Mercenaries!  This is a feature we had an idea for a while ago - if memory serves me right, as far back as v1, when people were complaining about encounters. The solution to that, we thought, is passive grist gain… which we’re doing in what’s basically the equivalent of giving your consorts a sword and telling them to hit stuff. The system is, by my reckoning, 60% complete. Some of this is subject to change, but here’s a rough overview:       
- You pay boondollars to hire a consort. This gives you their undying loyalty for some reason .   
- They go out and bash imps for you, delivering the grist to a nice little stockpile for you to come back to later on.    
- Consorts can be equipped - spare weapons you don’t need anymore can be assigned to a pool. Consorts will take weapons from this pool as needed. That wayyou don’t have to manually assign weapons to consorts, saving you time.   
- Equipped weapons will take base power only - not bonuses. This, somehow, makes SBaHJified weapons slightly useful.   
- They’ll fight only enemies that you yourself have beaten - you can’t grind imps and have them take on Titachnids, for example. Also, only underlings - don’t expect your army of 10 billion consorts to kill Lord English for you.    
- No limit on consorts. At least, not at the minute. If it gets to the point one is needed we’ll reconsider.   
- Because of no limit, you recieve SLIGHTLY less grist than killing enemies yourself. Eventually hiring more consorts results in stacking penalties, so there’ll be a max cap on how much you can make a day - bigger army means more goofing off from your minions.   
- Consorts won’t ONLY fight - they’re sentient too! They might do stupid stuff, or die of dysentry. Consort actions are logged, so you can read through and see their escapades while you have a coffee.   
- Grist has to be collected manually, you don’t pay them enough to hand deliver it. It’ll pool up until you fetch it.    
- At present time, there’s no “special” consorts planned - all consorts are identical in terms of base stats.    

Those are the features planned for the release iteration - we may improve on that over time, based on feedback. Let us know what you think!

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