Overseer 3 – Aquians

A high-minded society from the depths, the Aquians (known as “fishsticks” by some ruder groups) have surpassed the limits of their watery home through the construction of powerful mechsuits, capable of sustaining a habitable environment far from their natural abodes. Supporting a high pressure, aquatic enclosure, these mechsuits are intensely durable; all but the most well placed and powerful blows will fail to rupture the internal chamber hosting the Aquian itself.

Aquians are a very tech-minded society, many of their members are tinkers or otherwise mechanically inclined, and basic education involves  teaching young Aquians applied physics, engineering and a number of other highly complex yet practical subjects. As such, Aquian technology is hundreds of years ahead of that of any of other race, with some of the most powerful and stable warp drives available in the universe having been created by the Aquians. Their technological prowess is second only to the mysterious Precursors that left behind tech so advanced even the Aquians can’t begin to make sense of it.

Aquians benefit from their technical prowess in numerous ways, their mechsuits being custom made by the individual who drives them. The Aquian coming of age ceremony even involves the unveiling and test-drive of the juvenile’s first self-made suit. Literally covered in armour, the mechsuits provide a level of physical protection beyond other species’ natural durability.


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